Dialogues {Online}
March – June 2021

During this unprecedented time of lockdowns and physical distancing, we are all lacking important social interaction and communication. Critique and conversations can be essential in the development of your practice and work. Dialogues {Online} is a 17-week programme of group workshops, peer-to-peer exchange and one-to-one practice development support for up to 12 artists led by Mark Devereux Projects.

Dialogues {Online} is aimed towards artists that may be developing a new body of work, building a new project or working towards an exhibition or commission. Focussing on the development of the artist’s core ideas and how they manifest their voice within the making of the work, each artist will benefit from three group crits, three 1-hour one-to-one mentoring sessions and three group workshops. Taking place online (via Zoom), Mark Devereux will lead each session; offering tailored and critically engaged developmental support.

We encourage applications from artists at various points within your career, working across any medium or methodology. We hope this will help stimulate dynamic conversations with one-another, encouraging sharing and a group support system that could continue on from the project in future months and years.

Marking the return of our successful Dialogues programme from 2018, we’ve made some changes to ensure our work is more accessible following the recent impacts of COVID-19. We’ve simplified the way we are operating and transferring this year’s programme to be produced completely online. We hope this will widen our reach to those artists that may have parental, caring or other work commitments that would affect physical attendance.

Participating artists

We are proud to be working with the following artists as part of this year’s course:

  • David Appleyard
  • Paulette Bansal
  • Nicholas Carn
  • Jemma Grundon
  • Tom Lambert
  • Carole McCourt
  • Askokkumar Mistry
  • Kelly M O’Brien
  • Deirdre Porter-Hanson
  • Steph Shipley
  • Katrien Van Liefferinge
  • Catriona Whiteford

Find out more at: markdevereuxprojects.com/artistdevelopment/dialogues-online/dialogues-online-artists


The full cost for the programme is £380, with payment options available to spread the cost of the workshops across 2-6 months. There is no charge to apply.


2 March (10am-12pm): Full group session – introductions to participating artists’ practices
9 March (10am-12pm): Full group workshop: What is critical dialogue?
16 March (10am-12pm): Group 1 crit session
23 March (10am-12pm): Group 2 crit session
30 March (10am-12pm): Group 3 crit session
6 April (10am-12pm): Full group workshop: Developing your artist voice
12-16 April: 1-hour one-to-one crits / support sessions
20 April (10am-12pm): Group 1 crit session
27 April (10am-12pm): Group 2 crit session
4 May (10am-12pm): Group 3 crit session
11 May (10am-12pm): Full group workshop: theme to be agreed with participants
17-21 May: 1-hour one-to-one crits / support sessions
25 May (10am-12pm): Group 1 crit session
1 June (10am-12pm): Group 2 crit session
8 June (10am-12pm): Group 3 crit session
14-18 June: 1-hour one-to-one crits / support sessions
22 June (10am-12pm): Full Group session – conclusion & next steps

Further information

Group crits:

  • The first group workshop will discuss various approaches for you to consider when eliciting critique for your practice: including sharing materials prior to / after sessions and how you may present your work. You will be encouraged to test these approaches in the following group crits;
  • You will share your work/project in a group crit once every 5-6 weeks
  • 4 artists will share work per session – 30mins each;
  • You will be encouraged to attend all group crit sessions (if available) and offer constructive criticism for your peers;
  • The group crits will be recorded and shared with you shortly after via Vimeo;
  • The groups will be mixed each round to ensure a variety of voices and opportunities;

One-to-one sessions:

  • The content of the three one-to-one sessions will be led by your requirements – this could include further critique of work, support building concepts, career development advice, pastoral support…;
  • Each one-to-one session will be 1-hour and booked in advance at a time to suit your other commitments;

Group workshops:

  • All artists will be encouraged to attend and participate in the group workshops;
  • The sessions will be recorded and shared shortly after via Vimeo;
  • The theme / content of the third group workshop will be facilitated in response to the requirements of the full group.


Application deadline: Friday 12 February 2021, 5pm
Artists notified by: Friday 19 March 2021

We are looking for artists that display a commitment to furthering their practices and long-term careers. The selection process will consider the quality of work, reason for participation and the potential impact Dialogues {Online} might have on the artist’s respective practice and career trajectory.

To apply please send the following:

  • A short covering letter including;
    • a statement on why you would like to participate in Dialogues {Online} (up to 200 words)
    • information about the work / project / exhibition / commission etc you would like to focus the critique around (up to 200 words)
    • a general statement about your work (up to 200 words)
  • Your current CV (2 pages max)
  • Your full name, location and link to website / online hosting platform & social media channels
  • Information about any additional access requirements if applicable

Applications may be made via video or audio to support those unable to make their application in writing.


For further information and questions please email Mark at [email protected]

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