Do I need to be at a certain stage in my career?
The course is aimed towards artists between early and mid career.

How long is each workshop and what time will they take place?
Each workshop will be 2-hours between 10am-12pm and take place every Tuesday and Thursday.

How will the workshops be delivered?
The workshops will be delivered online via the Zoom video platform. Participants will be sent a meeting invitation at least 2-days in advance.

Who will deliver the workshops?
The workshops will be led by Mark Devereux, unless otherwise stated in the programme information.

How will the workshops be tailored to my requirements?
Each participant will be invited to share core questions, concerns or problems in a short questionnaire about each workshop in advance. This information will be used in the planning of the sessions. Throughout each workshop participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share information in a discursive and tailored approach.

What will the format of the workshops be?
Each workshop will be individually planned with a mixture of information, discussion, peer-peer sharing and practical exercises.

What if I am unable to attend a workshop?
Don’t worry. If you are unable to attend a workshop(s) due to illness or other commitments, each session will be recorded and shared shortly after.

Will the workshops be recorded?
Yes. They will be shared to the course participants only and password protected.

How long are the one-to-one mentoring sessions?
Each artist will be able to book two, 1-hour one-to-one mentoring sessions with Mark Devereux during the dates outlined in the programme information. These will be booked via email at mutually convenient times via Zoom or Skype.

What are the one-to-one mentoring sessions for?
The one-to-one mentoring sessions will allow each artist to individually and confidentially discuss specific areas of their practice, work or professional development. This could include any area of the course or aspects that may not be included. You will be invited to share your aims for the session in advance in order to help plan and tailor the session content accordingly.

Who might I meet as part of the course?
You will meet artists from across the country working in a variety of mediums and career levels. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to share experiences, stories and form a new support network.

How can I pay for the course?
Payments can be made in full or spread across 1-3 months. A minimum down payment of £100 is required to secure your place on the course.


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