Diana Terry

Diana Terry was selected for our Dialogues course in 2022. Here she shares her experience working with Mark Devereux Projects and the group of artists she met during the course.

Moving interchangeably through drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, multi- disciplinary artist Diana Terry’s work explores the narrative between humanity and the natural environment. Terry lives and works in the Pennines, a vast area of geologically significant moorland whose natural resources became integral to the Industrial Revolution and the growth of major Northern UK towns and cities.

Diana Terry initially trained as a Three Dimensional Designer, obtaining a first degree in ceramics at Manchester Metropolitan University. and an M.A. at University of Liverpool at the School of Architecture. Diana held several teaching posts including Head of Foundation at Barnsley College. Therefore her design background has influenced the approach she has taken to her fine art practice. These include a love of materials and process. Furthermore they enable her to be an inquisitive questioner and encourages a love of experimentation.