Games Generator | Anna Horton Cremin | 2019 | I Love Parks Week, Manchester, 2019 | image: courtesy of the artist

Future Ruins: community art project

Mark Devereux Projects are working with artist Anna Horton Cremin ( on a new community project, Future Ruins. We are currently in the process of applying for funding to work with communities in Cheshire East. We would appreciate your time, comments and feedback to support this project via our online survey:

Underpinned by themes of climate change, ruins and future world-building, Future Ruins aims to stimulate conversation, artistic making and future action. Led by artist Anna Horton Cremin, the project will take place at Wild Rumpus ( and include: collaborative making, discussions with local communities & stakeholders and a 3-day community festival, presenting work from the project.

We will invite residents, community groups, businesses and local authorities from the region to develop new approaches for how an adventure playground could stimulate change and help us imagine the future in the wake of the impending climate catastrophe. We will help children and adults explore ideas of the future and how we will build a more hopeful world. By bringing communities together, we hope to enact a small-level positive change in our attitudes towards recycling, reducing carbon emissions and nurturing our natural environments.

There will be three key opportunities for Cheshire East residents to take part in Future Ruins:

1. Collaborative artwork creation at Wild Rumpus
We will invite up to 50 residents and members of the local community to co-build an immersive, interactive artwork with lead artist Anna Horton Cremin. Participants will be invited to share their personal ideas surrounding the project themes, discussing ways in which their communities can become greener, more environmentally conscious places to live and work. The participants will work with Anna and the on-site technicians to collaboratively design and create an interactive artwork using materials donated by local businesses promoting the concept and importance of circular economies.

2. Community festival at Wild Rumpus
We will present the interactive artwork during an interim, 3-day community festival in September 2020, where we will invite audiences from the local community to interact, play, engage with and feedback on the work.

3. Public symposium
As part of the community festival, we will invite five specialists to lead a public symposium: discussing ways in which we can all contribute to a healthier, greener and more sustainable place to live and work.

For further information, please email [email protected]

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