Kit Mead Residency at Projects: Manchester

As part of our Associate Membership scheme, we will be hosting Glasgow-based artist Kit Mead for a short residency in our Projects: Manchester space at Federation House from 26 May – 1 June. For the duration of the residency Kit will be developing new work which focuses on the idea of adaptation and the dynamics at play in the transferral of corporeal matter into digital simulacrum.

Kit Mead’s practice explores the dynamics of uncertainty and transition created by sudden and drawn out changes in the representation of environments and objects. In order to articulate the presence of time, he produces durational and experiential installations along with digital video-based work. Narratives of compressed information containing the remains of phenomena that have been re-shaped by historical interference are presented with the aim of generating associative dialogues between the monumental and the ephemeral to reveal the effects of temporality.

Look out for further information and images from Kit’s residency via our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

For further information about Kit Mead’s practice please visit

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