Untitled | 2017 | Nicola Ellis | tissue on paper | 20cm x 16cm | image courtesy of the artist

Nicola Ellis: Drawing for Sculpture | 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Mark Devereux Projects’ artist Nicola Ellis is showing recent work as part of Drawing for Sculpture at Scunthorpe’s 20-21 Visual Arts Centre (10 June – 14 October 2017).

Featuring everything from rough sketches and experimental artworks to detailed technical drawings and three-dimensional digital models, Drawing for Sculpture includes work from over 20 sculptors who use drawing as part of their creative process.

For many artists the disciplines of sculpture and drawing are inextricably linked. Some sculptors use drawing as a way of experimenting with ideas without the constraints of having to produce completed 3D objects, while other’s produce drawings as objects in themselves, embodying the same engagement with shape and material that they explore in their sculpture. Drawing for Sculpture features maker’s drawings across a wide variety of approaches, materials and techniques, accompanied by a series of maquettes and small sculptural objects in the gallery showcase.

Artists include:

Rachel Ara, Nicola Ellis, Richard Bartle, Sara Brannan, Natalie Finnemore, Lizzie Feather, Dominic Heffer, Tracey Himsworth, David Kefford, Adam King, David Kirshner, Robert Koenig, Eugene Macki, Wayne Markwort, Jo Miller, Oliver Palmer, Kirsty E. Smith, Michael Shaw, Julian Rowe, Claire Tindale, Lisa Traxler, Liz West, Poppy Whatmore, Simon Woolham.

Further information

For further information please visit: www.2021visualartscentre.co.uk/exhibitions/drawing-sculpture

20-21 Visual Arts Centre
Church Square
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6TB

Image: Untitled | 2017 | Nicola Ellis | tissue on paper | 20cm x 16cm | image courtesy of the artist
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