An orange inclination (left) & Critical Mass (right) | Nicola Ellis | 2016 | installation view: Caustic Coastal, Salford, UK | powder coated steel racking, aluminium | image: courtesy of the artist

Nicola Ellis: From A To C; This Being B, Manchester

Mark Devereux Projects’ artist Nicola Ellis will be showing new work as part of From A to C; This Being B at Caustic Coastal, Manchester.

From A to C; This Being B is a continuation and expansion of the exhibition Cabedal that took place at Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, 2012 , organised by Tiago Duarte and Ian Rawlinson and it emerged as a challenge and continued dialogue between the artistic director at Plataforma Revólver, Victor Pinto da Fonseca and artist Tiago Duarte. Revisiting the project and its artistic core questions this time around in Manchester.

This exhibition presents nine UK based artist seven of which were involved in Cabedal plus four artists selected by Victor Pinto da Fonseca from his immediate art ecology in the Portuguese capital who are variously engaged in charging the surface of their works with labour, and how this investment in work can be understood as discourse on productivity. From A to C; This Being B highlights a dialogue between diverse works that nevertheless each articulate the tension between the material integrity of an object or image, and its surface. That is – the invested and worked nature of the surface of the artwork – its appearance. In other artistic contexts – painters talk of facture whilst sculptors talk of material substance – the works we are seeking to present in this show hold both terms in an aesthetic and conceptual tension – the surface is not a veneer that hides an ignoble material it is a charged site of reinvention.

Participating artists

Illídio Candja, Nina Chua, Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, Tiago Duarte, Katerina Eleftheriadou, Nicola Ellis, Mary Griffiths, Richard Harris, Jo McGonigal, Maeve Rendle, Pedro Cabral Santo, Inez Teixeira, São Trindade

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Lacking, Nicola Ellis, 2016
plastic-coated steel cladding in the colour ‘Honesty’. Image courtesy of the artist.

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