New Represented Artist: Pippa Eason

Mark Devereux Projects are proud to announce Pippa Eason will be joining our represented artists programme.

Pippa Eason’s work makes observations of performative online gesture through sculpture, digital drawings, GIFs, and collages. Her practice co-opts the crispness of advertising but with a hand-crafted touch, used to hint at status anxiety, smartphone addiction, and meme culture. Her sculpture is ambiguous, though aims to pick up on – and visually start to unpick – trends in art, fashion and pop culture, mapping the direct impact aesthetic shifts in contemporary culture have on visual artists.

“I am delighted to work with Mark Devereux Projects as they provide connections, collaboration and idea sharing. These things are imperative to me, and would not only help my practice, but hopefully will reach out and nourish the practice of others too. Having regular critique and discussion is something I am particularly looking forward to, which I’m hopeful will provide more clarity throughout my practice. I am excited and eager to learn from MDP, which in turn will bring new and exciting connections.” [Pippa Eason]

We’ve been keenly following the trajectory of Pippa’s practice and are excited to be working with her now via our represented artist programme. Pippa’s work takes us back to fond memories of growing up as teens in the 90s, saturated by Pop music and the growth of internet culture. We’re looking forward to supporting Pippa in helping realise some of her ambitious ideas for new work and projects.” [Mark Devereux]

For further information and images of recent works, please visit:

Image: Pippa Eason | image: courtesy of the artist
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