Landscape, Anno Mitchell, 2022 | Image: courtesy of the artist

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Mark Devereux Projects (MDP) is an independent curatorial and artist development organisation. We specialise in supporting early to mid-career artists through creative collaboration and tailored mentoring.

MDP is a small but devoted team seeking to create safer, braver spaces for artists. Our meticulous approach is founded on listening, trust, honesty and caring. We build critical but nurturing relationships with artists across a variety of artforms.

Making a budget
  • Figuring Out...
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01/03/2023 -
Balancing your finances and making sure you receive the money you need is fundamental to making your best work and sustaining your practice. In our next Figuring Out… online workshop we will be taking a deep dive into budgeting for arts projects, exhibitions and commissions. Led by independent curator and mentor, Mark Devereux you will […]
Holding Breath, Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall, UK, 2021 | Image: courtesy of the artists
Mixing It Up
In our next Mixing It Up feature, Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine share their collaborative practice, artists to watch and the inspiration around their work. We first worked with Amy & Oliver 5-years ago as part of our Dialogues 5 critical dialogue programme and proud to renew our connections as we enter our 10th year.
Artist Professional Development for Socially Engaged Practitioners, Commissioned by Heart of Glass | Image: Stephen King
One-to-one sessions are led by Mark Devereux, who draws on his extensive knowledge within curation, artist support, project management and fundraising. Mark provides impartial, considered and tailored support, offering both a critical eye and a strategic focus for artist development. 
New Worlds Are Reached By Shipwreck, Anno Mitchell, 2021 | Image: courtesy of the artist
Over the last few years Anno Mitchell has been working on themes of shipwreck, exploring what a wreck might be, what it might mean, how it relates to our cultural and environmental history and how a shipwreck might be used as a framing idea to think about our relationship to the world. ‘Shipwreck’ as a thematic starting point allowing me to develop simultaneous concerns; what it is to be wrecked, what it is to salvage something? How can shipwreck be used as a narrative trapdoor into new worlds? How does shipwreck stand as an idea of disaster - or recovery and resilience?