Artist Professional Development for Socially Engaged Practitioners, Commissioned by Heart of Glass | Image: Stephen King


We provide tailored mentoring for artists and artist-led organisations across the UK

We offer a critical perspective on the development of artists’ works and practices

We share our vast experience within the art sector to help breakdown barriers artists may be facing in the development of their careers

One-to-one sessions are led by Mark Devereux, who draws on his extensive knowledge within curation, artist support, project management and fundraising. Mark provides impartial, considered and tailored support, offering both a critical eye and a strategic focus for artist development. 

Acknowledging that every artist is different, our mentoring service is unique to each individual and your requirements. We do not set any ground rules – all we ask is that you are open and honest. Whether you have been practicing for many years or are just starting on your journey, we will support your ambitions.

Mentoring sessions can take place online (via Zoom) or in-person at your studio, home or mutually agreeable space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What could my session(s) include?

    • critique of works in progress / recent works
    • identifying themes / key ideas within past works / projects
    • devising, curating and delivering exhibitions
    • writing about your work, including artist statements, biographies and CV’s
    • identifying audiences, commissioners and opportunities
    • making exhibition, commission or residency applications
    • funding and fundraising advice / application writing
    • developing marketing plans and writing press releases
    • strategic planning, including 1, 3 and 5 year plans (half-day session)
    • financial & budget management support
    • project management support
  • What can I expect?

    We regularly work with artists to share information, build confidence and offer critical feedback. You will receive honest, impartial and constructive advice, information and feedback. We do not tell you what to do, who to work with or how you should make your work – these should only ever be decided by you.

  • How long and often can the sessions be?

    The length of your session will be tailored to your requirements. We often find the optimum length for online sessions is 1.5-hours, whilst in-person sessions could be half/full-days, however we are open to your suggestions. We are able to offer both one-off sessions and programmes of multiple mentoring sessions over 6-12 months. Sessions can be booked at anytime during the year, with adequate notice given.

  • What are the costs?

    Retaining our tailored approach to working with artists, our fee structures for sessions aim to be affordable and responsive to each professional development need, the level of service and quantity of sessions. We can also provide discounts for individuals from low income backgrounds. Travel expenses and time for travel will apply in addition for in-person sessions. If you are interested in including a mentoring provision within a funding or project application please contact us in advance of submitting.

  • How can my access requirements be supported?

    We want to ensure our mentoring provision can be accessed by all. In the form below, please advise us of any access requirements so we can ensure the session(s) can be of the greatest benefit for you.

  • What do I need to prepare?

    The most successful mentoring sessions are those in which the artist has identified a need / question / subject for discussion. Once you have recognised what you need, please complete the form below with as much information as possible. Mark will then plan your session or programme of sessions in advance to ensure a tailored service of information, advice and support. If you would like Mark to look at, read or think about anything else, please send this via email to Mark at least 48-hours in advance of your session.

    In advance of the session you should prepare:

    • your location – ensuring the mentoring session (online/in-person) takes place in a quiet space without distractions
    • any images, links or documents are ready to share
    • written notes including core questions and requirements
  • What will I receive?

    Our mentoring sessions are conversation based. We do not provide notes or instructions, unless agreed in advance. We advise that you should take notes during the session but that these do not distract you in the conversation. Resources, recommendations and further information may be sent to you following the session if relevant. If the session is taking place online, you may request in advance for it to be recorded and for this to be sent privately afterwards.