Using our online platforms

Mark Devereux Projects uses the online video platform Zoom for our mentoring sessions, workshops and courses. If you are unfamiliar with how to use Zoom or the various functions available, please read the information below.

Our expectations:

  1. Support the MDP team member or host of the meeting by being patient and respectful
  2. Please mute your audio when you are not speaking - this improves the speed of connection and improves focus. If you wish to respond to someone, please raise your hand and the host will invite you to speak
  3. Please don’t private message other attendees during the session time
  4. Please be polite, supportive and non-judgmental. Be respectful of one another and non-disruptive. Do not use any discriminatory language
  5. Anyone showing inappropriate content on their screens will be automatically removed from the meeting by the host. Do not share your screen unless you are invited to
  6. Be mindful of the questions you are asking or the advice you are giving - think about why you are asking them – so as not to cause offence
  7. Try to avoid mentioning any third party in an identifiable manner - including group members, friends, family & healthcare professionals unless you have received their consent
  8. Exercise caution in disclosing personal information to the group or other members
  9. Please try to stay for the duration of the meeting. If you do need to leave – please let the host know by using the chat box.

Keeping safe on the platform:

  • We will announce when recording starts as part of the presentations and when they have ended
  • Recordings of the session will be sent to participants only via a Password protected Vimeo link to watch online
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions will not be recorded unless requested
  • Individual participants cannot download chat or record within the platform itself, but it is possible to privately message other meeting members - we ask everyone to refrain from private messaging during the session
  • There is a risk that software could be obtained to record screen activity, but this is present at any meeting. We trust that individuals will not engage in this unless permission is gained from all participants at the beginning of the session
  • Whilst we think it is unlikely that a participant would choose to share indecent images or anything which may cause offense, our policy will be to immediately disable their video and remove them from the meeting
  • Only the host of the meeting can remove other attendees and anyone removed from a meeting by the host cannot re-enter that meeting and potentially future meetings depending on the situation
  • To ensure your privacy when using Zoom please check your cookie preferences and set them to ‘Required’ only. You can do this via the ‘cookie preferences’ link at the bottom of the Zoom homepage. This is important as it is the opt-out mechanism to prevent Zoom from selling your personal data (see the “Do Not ‘Sell’ My Personal Information” link at the bottom on the Zoom homepage)
  • Please be mindful about what you share through Zoom meetings – Zoom collects personal data from account holders, from people invited to join meetings and from meeting content when you use the service.

Before joining a video meeting:

  • You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with video camera and speaker / headphones
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet please make sure it is placed on a static, flat surface to ensure there is no disruption to the video
  • You will need a private, quiet space with a good internet connection, use headphones if necessary, to ensure privacy
  • Make sure your device is fully charged as Zoom meetings use up significant battery power
  • Before logging in, consider removing any personal photographs or identifiable objects which would be visible to others in the virtual meeting room.

Create a Zoom account:

If you do not have a Zoom account, it is easy and free to register, simply visit: and click the button ‘Sign Up’. This will take you through a series of personal questions to create your own unique username and password. You don’t need to create an account to join but if you do, we suggest registering your name as you wish to be identified. We recommend downloading the Zoom App, rather than logging in via your web browser, as this ensures a more reliable connection.

To join a Zoom meeting:

  • Please prepare your device at least 15 minutes before the session is due to start
  • Click Join on the Home page of Zoom (image below, left) or click the meeting link you’ve been sent
  • Add the Meeting ID, your name and Password (image below, right) 
  • You can also join without the invitation link by going to and entering the Meeting ID and password provided
  • Now you’ll have an opportunity to test your microphone & video
  • Please make yourself a cup of tea, make sure you have notebooks and pens and settle in a comfy spot before the meeting starts!
  • Once you have joined the meeting you will see a ‘waiting screen.' When the host of the meeting is ready, they will start the meeting. You might see a message saying ‘Please wait for the Host to let you in’, you are in the right place, so please be patient and wait for the host to arrive.

Using the Zoom functions:

From left to right:

  1. Mute or un-mute your microphone
  2. Show or hide your video
  3. Security features
  4. View meeting participants
  5. View and add comments to live chat
  6. Share your screen
  7. Record the meeting
  8. View the live transcript of the meeting
  9. Join breakout rooms
  10. Reactions, including raise hands
  11. More features
  12. Leave the meeting

Share Screen:

If you are taking part in a mentoring session, workshop or course and would like to share images of your work or information to reference, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the document / image etc on your computer you wish to share
  2. Ask the Host of the meeting to allow you to share your screen (they will make you Co-Host)
  3. Click Share Screen on the Zoom control panel (see above)
  4. A new window will appear showing all the documents and programmes you have open on your computer – select the relevant one and click share
  5. When you have finished sharing your screen, click Stop Screen Share in the red box at the top of the screen
  6. Ask the meeting Host to reclaim the hosting of the meeting

Live Transcript:

All our Zoom mentoring sessions, workshops and courses include the option to read a live transcription and subtitles of the session alongside the video communication. Use the button on the control panel (see above) to switch this function on or off as required.