New Worlds Are Reached By Shipwreck, Anno Mitchell, 2021

Anno Mitchell

We are collaborating with Anno to develop a new project, exploring the traces and legacy of the 1967 Torrey Canyon shipping disaster. Considering wider notions about wrecks and the environment, this project will culminate in a solo exhibition curated by Mark Devereux Projects.

Artist Statement

Over the last few years Anno Mitchell has been working on themes of shipwreck, exploring what a wreck might be, what it might mean, how it relates to our cultural and environmental history and how a shipwreck might be used as a framing idea to think about our relationship to the world. ‘Shipwreck’ as a thematic starting point allowing me to develop simultaneous concerns; what it is to be wrecked, what it is to salvage something? How can shipwreck be used as a narrative trapdoor into new worlds? How does shipwreck stand as an idea of disaster - or recovery and resilience?


Anno Mitchell is a visual artist based in Brighton primarily working in drawing and installation. She holds a degree in Fine Art from Leeds University, an MA in Architectural History and Theory from The Architecture Association and an MFA with The Open College of the Art.

Selected Artworks