Melissa Pierce Murray

“In Dialogues you meet regularly with artists with diverse practices but with cross-over interests for guided peer mentoring sessions. Dialogues supports you in developing confidence in your own practice and learning to trust and be led by your own instincts. 

From the outset a careful framework is established for how to best ask for and give feedback. This creates a safe and supportive context to share struggles and successes alike. Whether presenting ones’ own work, hearing of others’ projects or listening to their responses and ideas, each session is dynamic and creatively expansive. Although Dialogues is primarily about creative development, these are interspersed withtopics such as professional development, financial and strategic planning, or proposal writing.

Mark facilitates sessions sensitively and inobtrusively. His input is always generous, thoughtful and supportive, founded on a depth of creative experience and professional expertise, always gently guiding you back to question ‘what does your practice need?’  

At the end of our 10 week session, our Dialogues group decided to continue working together with Mark and we still meet monthly. I read somewhere that happiness comes from doing things you love with people you care about- that pretty much sums up the experience of Dialogues for me!”