Some Thoughts, Alan Ward, 2019 | Image: courtesy of the artist
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Led by Mark Devereux Projects, StudioBook 2021 offers practical, discursive and tailored workshops and one-to-one sessions for twelve artists across the UK. Made up of twelve, 2-hour workshops and two, 1-hour one-to-one mentoring sessions, StudioBook 2021 will address your key questions and concerns; providing information, advice and guidance alongside open discussions and peer-to-peer sharing to help support the development of your creative practice.


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Course programme

Tuesday 21 September, 10am-12pm
Course welcome & introduction
An introduction to the course, with short 5-minute presentations from each participating artist.

Tuesday 28 September, 10am-12pm
Developing your artist voice
Working as an artist can be a solitary venture – this has been emphasised further through the impacts of COVID. It is not always easy to recognise the core ideas you are communicating within your work when you are in the full throws of making in your studio. This workshop will support you to start dissecting your work and practice, giving new techniques and approaches to ensure your intentions are fully realised.

Tuesday 5 October, 10am-12pm
Finding the right opportunity
Identifying the right opportunity is not always as easy as it sounds. As your career develops, opportunities will change and you will have the chance to be more selective. This workshop will give tools to help dissect and understand the opportunity you are offered and how it does or doesn’t relate to your practice ambitions. The session will also look at platforms to find or create the right opportunity and how you can increase your success rate.

Tuesday 12 October, 10am-12pm
Choosing the right words (written)
How you write about your work is crucial – getting this right will ensure your ideas and intentions within your work flourish. This practical session will look at creative approaches to writing, encouraging you to ditch the art language and ensure your work is accessible to all. Led by writer, producer and MDP Director Jack Welsh.

Tuesday 19 October, 10am-12pm
Making a strong application, from start to submit
The use of language and communicating your work / intentions can often be a stumbling block to the development of artists’ careers. This workshop will focus on skills, techniques and information to help you write and submit exhibition, commission and funding applications. The session will offer information and advice on how to target your application and what to and not to include.

Tuesday 26 October, 10am-12pm
Funding and fundraising
Funding your project and creating the transition into earning money through your practice can be challenging. This workshop will look at the various funding avenues and options available to individual artists including: trusts, foundations, individual giving and sponsorship. The session will also introduce the various Arts Council England funding programmes and the Let’s Create 10-year strategy.

Monday 1 – Friday 12 November
One-to-one mentoring sessions
An opportunity to reflect on what you have learned so far, ask questions and share problems in a confidential 1-hour one-to-one mentoring session with Mark Devereux.

Tuesday 2 November, 10am-12pm
Arts Council England application process
As one of the core funders for individual artists, Arts Council England grants can unlock and create important developmental opportunities to help you take your practice and ideas to the next level. This workshop will take an in-depth look at the application process for National Lottery Projects Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice, dissecting the questions and starting to consider what you could include.

Tuesday 9 November, 10am-12pm
I’m here!
Promoting yourself and your work is not always the most natural thing to do for many artists. This workshop will look at different tools, techniques and outlets to increase the awareness of your practice in the best way for you. The workshop will look at how you can use social media, online marketing, press releases and communications strategies to promote your work, exhibition or performance. Led by artist and MDP Director Liz West.

Tuesday 16 November, 10am-12pm
Choosing the right words (verbal)
Whether you have 2-minutes to introduce your work at a chance meeting or 1-hour to present your practice at a public talk, making the best first impression is key. Getting this right could be invaluable to securing opportunities, commissions and tendering for future projects. This participatory session will share practical exercises to give you the confidence to present your practice and its intricacies to your audiences, whilst allowing your personality to shine through.

Tuesday 23 November, 10am-12pm
Show me the Money!
Selling your work can be a core outlet for many artists and help fund future developments. This workshop will discuss pricing structures and various approaches to selling your work including: self-representation, art fairs, gallery representation and private commissions. The session will also consider the importance of negotiation within sales and offering collectors unique discounts or additional benefits.

Monday 29 November – Friday 10 December
One-to-one mentoring sessions
An opportunity to reflect on what you have learned throughout the course, ask questions and discuss the next steps in your practice in a confidential 1-hour one-to-one mentoring session with Mark Devereux.

Tuesday 30 November, 10am-12pm
Public & private commissions
Pitching for and receiving a commission for new work can highlight new challenges within your practice. You may no longer be the sole decision-maker when designing and creating the work. This workshop will highlight the importance of managing relationships, budgets and expectations, whilst ensuring you retain your artist voice and intentions for your work. The session will discuss the processes of pitching, negotiating, collaborating and presenting your work and all the additional considerations you may need to make when creating work in the public realm. Led by artist and MDP Director Liz West.

Tuesday 7 December, 10am-12pm
Which Way Now? (Session 1)
At a time where many artists’ plans have been thrown out of the window and possible new routes are required due to the impacts of COVID, this workshop will give the tools and ideas to help plan your future steps. Using our specially designed strategic planning exercise for artists, you will be encouraged and supported to question your career direction and outline a new 1, 3 & 5 year plan.

Tuesday 14 December, 10am-12pm
Which Way Now? (Session 2)
Continuation and conclusion of the strategic planning exercise following the first workshop. The session will also include a group discussion to talk about how each artist can take the next steps in your practice and career with the support of Mark Devereux Projects and the peer group.

Artist Info

We are proud to introduce our STUDIOBOOK {ONLINE} 2021 cohort: Jo Ball, Lucy Barker, Adele Christensen, Hayley Williams-Hindle, Paul James, Anno Mitchell, Melissa Pierce Murray, Tania Salha, Steph Shipley, Stefanie Trow, Alan Ward and Lucy Wright.

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