Wind Whip, Charlie Franklin, 2021 | Image: courtesy of the artist


Charlie Franklin

Traversing through long grass, fields of cows and hillsides, our journeys through landscapes are guided by landmarks, signposts and piles of stones. In The Greenway, Letchworth, Mark Devereux Projects presents Fizmers, a new series of works by artist Charlie Franklin. By carving up and marking out the landscape, Franklin plays with our perceptions of scale, space and direction.


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The Greenway

Nr. Hillbrow Recreation Ground
Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3RF

This solo presentation marks the intersection of Franklin’s current Arts Council England funded project, in which she is spending time in residence in a remote rural location close to the Peak District National Park (Derbyshire). Fizmers is the first outdoor presentation of Franklin’s work to date, as she explores the intricacies of paint, sculpture and materials to create this ambitious new work.

Fizmers has been made possible through the support of Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice funding and mentoring from Mark Devereux, Kristian Day and Claire Mander.

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The artwork will be available to be viewed from 11am – 4pm daily

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