Open Circle, Charlie Franklin, 2019 | Image: Mark Devereux Projects

Over Ground Uneven

Charlie Franklin

Mark Devereux Projects presents Over Ground Uneven, a solo exhibition of new work by British artist Charlie Franklin at Vane Gallery, Newcastle. The exhibition addresses the artist’s research and experiences of the landscape and how structures within it can become anchors to determine our sense of place. Franklin’s use of subtle colour within her work seeps through the surfaces of her jewel-like sculptural forms.


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First Floor, Commercial Union House
39 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QE

Shiny, reflective and territorial, this body of work marks its place within the gallery space, encouraging a physical encounter. The artwork’s seemingly weighty forms are manipulated to resemble totems or cairns, inviting the viewer to peer into its crevices and hollows.

Franklin blurs the boundaries between sculpture and painting, questioning how they can be approached. Using materials and forms often associated to sculpture; Franklin builds up two-dimensional surfaces, which become loosely shaped or crushed to function as three-dimensional objects. The resulting work appears fragile and damaged, often teetering on the brink of collapse.

Charlie Franklin commented: “I have spent time reconsidering how my work can act as landmarks or signposts within the territory of the gallery space. By experimenting with new patination techniques and processes, unforeseen impressions are revealed. This element of chance questions my control while making, allowing for a more theatrical approach to the presentation of the work.”

Mark Devereux added: “Following our solo presentation of Charlie’s work at The Manchester Contemporary last year, we have been working with her to support the development of this ambitious new body of work. Over Ground Uneven signals an exciting new direction within Charlie’s practice, which we’re proud to be working alongside Vane to present.”

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12pm to 5pm, Wednesday – Saturday