Land / Lines, David Ogle, 2018 | Image: Lee Baxter

Land Lines

David Ogle

Land / Lines is a solo exhibition by artist David Ogle collating new and recent works that explore his interest in the contours, shifts and movements within the natural landscape. Using light, colour and form as his core tools, Ogle has created works that subtly draw our attention to areas that may not normally be highlighted.


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2 Tony Wilson Place
Manchester, M15 4FN

Incorporating drawing, sculpture, installation and new media, David Ogle often works in the ‘grey area’ between different mediums, frequently revealing strong geometric forms within a space, lacking the weight and immobility of sculpture. His current practice has moved beyond the walls of indoor sites and out into the landscape, documenting ephemeral works that are shaped by natural elements and freed-up from the confines of both interior sites and the viewer’s requirement for a work’s prolonged existence.

Land / Lines has been curated by Mark Devereux Projects in collaboration with Bren O’Callaghan for HOME Projects. David Ogle is represented by Mark Devereux Projects.