Untitled, Stephen Iles, 2013 | Image courtesy of the artist

Between Space

Stephen Iles

Iles made frequent visits to photograph The Tetley during its conversion from an office block to a place for contemporary art. This exhibition of his new work further explored and questioned sites in which art is shown or made, looking at transitional moments such as down-time between exhibitions, or phases of redevelopment. The works within Between Space were characterized by juxtapositions between apparently unconnected objects and their relationships with the spaces they inhabit.


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The Tetley

Hunslet Road
Leeds, LS10 1JQ

Concentrating upon their transitional states of flux, Iles uses photography as a mirror to point back at the art-world like an endless reflection. Using each site as his laboratory or studio, Iles builds a surface tension questioning how we see and understand art and its’ spaces. Steeped in conversations surrounding the history of art and most notably the Arte Povera movement, Iles’ allows the specific location to become irrelevant, instead seeking to reactivate the space by searching for the moments in-between.

Stephen Iles lives and works in Manchester and London and has recently completed a number of residencies within art spaces around the country. Iles also works as a documentary photographer for the journal Corridor8 capturing the work of artists and galleries across the North of England. Between Space is presented in partnership with The Tetley, Leeds. Stephen Iles was represented by Mark Devereux Projects between 2014-15.