Jack Welsh

Jack is deeply interested in visual art and working closely with artists. He shares MDP’s values in working with artists, and its specialisms in supporting emerging and mid-career artists. As a director Jack brings his expertise in arts producing, editing, writing and project management. Jack Welsh is an arts producer and writer based in Liverpool. […]

Liz West

Liz offers important grounding, advice and support to ensure our work is meaningful for artists. Drawing on her vast experience as a full-time artist, she actively shares her own personal experiences to ensure our information and advice is current.   Liz West is a British artist renowned for her wide-ranging works, from the intimate to […]

Mark Devereux

Mark has an unwavering passion and dedication towards helping artists realise their ambitions. He takes pride in seeing the impact successful projects and mentoring can have on an artist’s career. With a deep interest in all visual art processes, Mark thrives when collaborating with artists to make, curate and install exhibitions and creative projects. Mark […]