November, Holly James, 2022


Holly James

“Dialogues is like time-traveling to the future. It propelled my thinking forward so much with things that would’ve taken me months to consider if I was on my own. I looked forward to every session, and with the support and gentle challenge of Mark and my peers my practice has now become more focused, more ambitious, and feels more authentic.”

Kelly O’Brien

“Dialogues 2021 was transformational for my art practice. There are several keys to this:  * Our group, carefully-curated by MDP, was comprised of thoughtful, ambitious, practicing artists, each of us with unique perspectives that create a rich gestalt * A safe environment for risk-taking, with just enough pressure to push ourselves to show up for […]

Melissa Pierce Murray

“In Dialogues you meet regularly with artists with diverse practices but with cross-over interests for guided peer mentoring sessions. Dialogues supports you in developing confidence in your own practice and learning to trust and be led by your own instincts. 

Diana Terry

Diana Terry was selected for our Dialogues course in 2022. Here she shares her experience working with Mark Devereux Projects and the group of artists she met during the course.

2022 Online Course Info

Dialogues 2022 is a 14-week programme of critical exchange, group workshops and one-to-one mentoring.

2021 Online Course Info

Dialogues 2021 is a 17-week programme of group workshops, peer-to-peer exchange and one-to-one practice development support for up to 12 artists led by Mark Devereux Projects.